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Parent education

This is a page where we will include further information for parents regarding updated information on education within Australia, NSW and at Bangalow Public School.


The following files are related to Bangalow Public School homework and its four skill components. 

Our homework is designed to practice the skills needed to do well at school.

1. Oral reading

Oral reading importance (DOCX 15KB)

2. Sight words

Sight words and fluency (DOCX 16KB)

Pause, prompt and praise (PDF 378KB)

3. Multiplication tables

Multiplication tables (DOCX 54KB)

4. Spelling capacity matrix

Education in the 21st century

As we look at education from 2012 - 2014 there are 4 main influences facing primary education.

  1. Globally - 21st-century learning/ generational change
    School Newsletters 2012 for term 3 week 5 and term 3 week 6
    Please find the link to the article by Michael McQueen on Gen Z. Our school staff attended the Professional Learning provided by Michael on our Term 2 Staff Development Day.(Published with permission granted by Michael McQueen on 16.8.2012)
  2. National level - The Australian Curriculum
  3. State Level - Local Schools, Local Decisions; Every Student, Every School
  4. School Level - new planning cycle- Strategic Directions 2012-2014 - School Plan 2012-2014

Full Versions of Newsletter articles