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Our staff

Left to right from top: Carol Antoun (Principal); Sharley Kiesewetter (Assistant Principal- Early Stage 1); Laetitia Cross (Assistant Principal- Instructional Leadership & Stage 1); Katie-Eve Gisen (Rel. Assistant Principal- Stage 3); Julia Morgan (Rel. Assistant Principal- Stage 2); Emma Hooper (Rel. Assistant Principal- Learning & Support)

Classroom Teachers

From left to right from top

L-R from top: Nicole Lester (KL); Sharley Kiesewetter (KK); Jarad Maxwell (1/2J); Simone Attard (1/2A); Michelle Maiden (1/2M); Alison Liddle (3/4LT); Samantha van der Toorn (3/4LT); Julia Morgan (3/4M); Andrea Plooy (4/5PH); Melanie Hughes (4/5PH); Jenevieve Beves (5/6B); Katie-Eve Gisen (5/6G)

Support Teachers

Left to right from top: Emma Hooper (Learning & Support); Keron James (Learning & Support); Rachael Thomas (Digital Technology & STEM); Geraldine Melville (RFF - PDHPE); Sue Wirth (Garden Program & casual relief)

Administration and Support Staff 

Left to right from top: Juliette Sizer (Admin Manager); Joelle Baker (Admin Officer); Natalie Strain (Learning Support Officer); Deirdre Cook (Learning Support Officer); Mauzie Breslin (Learning Support Officer); Sarah Vaughan (Admin Officer); Mark Thomson (General Assistant); Jakki Ulrick (Psychologist) Absent- Peter Alps (Cleaner) 

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