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School Production 2022

#Shrek the Musical 

Our original school production, #Shrek, was written in collaboration with the Stage 3 classes and Miss Jenevieve.

All students participated in the performance with the Stage 3 students having the option for speaking parts.

Students composed, choreographed and rehearsed their performances during their performing arts lessons with Miss Jenevieve. The result is the hilarious and fun whole school musical #Shrek.  

Thank you to parent volunteers who helped to create sets and costumes.  

A special thank you to Miss Jenevieve who created and oversaw every aspect of the musical.

Thank you to Karla Zalapa Murillo for the professional photos #Shrek - school musical 2022 photo gallery  

#Shrek the Musical Performance


#Shrek the Musical Behind the Scenes


Jingrrd Jingrrd in Shrek's Swamp

Kindergarten Fairy Tales characters performing their dance.


Magical Stage 3 Creatures

The Stage 3 magical creatures performing in the land of Duloc.


Wajung Pinocchio Puppets

Wajung Pinocchio Puppets are ready for their performance.


Donkey and Shrek

Meet Shrek and his faithful companion, Donkey.